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Multiple Myeloma - Blood Cancers and Anthrax shot

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 16, 2004 2:39 pm    Post subject: Multiple Myeloma - Blood Cancers and Anthrax shot Reply with quote

I have believed that the Anthrax shot had caused my immune system cancer Multiple Myeloma. The International Myeloma Foundation's literature indicates that vaccines can cause the cancer. Myeloma used t occur in mostly people over 65. I was diagnosed at 48.
I had 5 of 6 Anthrax shots in 1999-2000. I ws told that they were FDA approved and the same shots that meat packers have been getting for 50 years. After the shot I started to get ailments but did not know they were related to the shot. In April of 2003 I was dianosed with Stage IIIA Multiple Myeloma. After trying 8 chemotherapy regimens, including a Stem Cell Transplant, and a new experimental drug (yes I signed informed consent) all treatments have failed. I have seen the best experts at the best facilities, including the military, and every oncologist states that my Multiple Myeloma is the most aggressive they have ever seen.
If you got Multiple Myeloma after the Anthrax shot contact Nancy Baxter at the IMF at - this is the only way it will get looked at. The military is not interested. In fact when I mentioned this to the oncologists at Portsmouth Naval Hospital in July of 2003 they recommended Anti-depressants for a depression I did not have. I just wanted someone to take me seriously. Some of the nurses at Portsmouth told me that sudnely in year 2003 they noticed a great increase of Multiple Myeloma patients that were active duty. The hospital purposed has no support groups so the patients can not talk to each other. They have an office for support groups but it is just a front. They doctors would not even help me report that the Anthrax shot was a concern of mine.
If you got the Anthrax shot and contracted Multiple Myeloma, Lukemia, Hodgkins, or Lymphoma please contact (757)-247-4758
or e-mail reporter Bob Evans with the Daily Press in Newport News
, Virginia. I know that he would like to interview local people. I live in an area of the country that has the highes percentage of veterans nationwide. The Daily Press is a Tribune Company newspaper. He has my medical record and will be looking into the this Anthrax business.
Also, if you have had poor health care by the military as a reuslt of a catostrophic illness contact Stephanie Heinatz at the Daily Press - we need to help the new veterans that deserve better care than we got.
The more I have read of the book Vaccine-A the more horrified I am. I still believe that the cancer (which affects my immune system) may have been caused by the Anthrax shots. It seems a lot of the illnessed that have been attributed to the shot are auto-immune diseases. Multiple Myeloma would fit that category although he does not mention it in the book. The book also mentions incompetent health care at Walter Reed which I have experienced first hand.
Also, please write to Senator John Warner (R)-VA chairman of the armed services commitee and Congressman Chris Smith Chariman of the House Verterans committee and your own elected representatives (you can get their information at and click n the appropriate House or Senate link). Please mention Gary's book to each congressman, woman, and Senator. They shold all read it. I think that Congress and the Senate should hold new hearings and call Gary Matsumoto as an expert, along with Steve Robinson of the Gulf War Resource Center mailto
Also contact Daivid Hackworth rw military news correspondent who reviewed the book Vaccine-A and ask him to do follow ups in the press with his columns.
Look, if you have not bought Gary's book then buy it. It is well worth the money. Also, ask your relatives and friends t buy it and read about it and write letters to congress.
I find it ironic that Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) can get so much attention and money of the families of 9-11 and we veterans, who served, can not even get studies funded for poor health contracted during service to our country. The real reason is we sick veterans do not yell and scream alot. A navy master chief once told me that the reason the Chief's community is so powerful in the Navy is that each Chief is like a finger. When properly focused the fingers can form a FIST. We now need to make that fist. This is done thourgh phone calls, e-mails, and letters. Please take the time to do it. Start today.
Patrick Kelly
USN(ret) LT. (mustang)
5 of 6 Anthrax Shots all from experimental lots
Multiple Myeloma Cancer
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Gary M - Author

PostPosted: Thu Dec 16, 2004 4:44 pm    Post subject: Reply to LT Patrick Kelly, RE: Blood Cancers & Anthrax s Reply with quote

Dear LT Kelly: Below is information I just posted to a contributor named "sargekacz" in the message string titled "SQUALENE-LACED ANTHRAX VACCINE AND WHERE IT WAS GIVEN," page 4. My response to "sargekacz" concerns the known association between injections with an oil adjuvant and cancer.

I repeat it here for your consideration:

"Dear sargekacz: While you await a reply from Dr. Asa, I found this entry in United States Patent 6,299,884 for an Adjuvant formulation comprising a submicron oil droplet emulsion. The "submicron oil droplet emulsion" is MF59, which is squalene in water (where the squalene composition is 5% of the volume). Scientists working for Chiron Corporation filed the application for this patient on 7 April 1995.

Under the heading "Specific Embodiments" is the following entry:

It is essential that the oil be metabolized by the host to which it is administered, otherwise the oil component may cause abscesses, granulomas or even carcinomas, or (when used in veterinary practice) may make the meat of vaccinated birds and animals unacceptable for human consumption due to the deleterious effect the unmetabolized oil may have on the consumer [Highlighting and italics mine].

"Metabolized" refers to the means by which a "host" processes a substance, without harm, and appropriates or eliminates the constituents of that substance.

Scientific data, published in peer reviewed journals, shows that injected squalene is not metabolized like food passing through your GI tract. The squalene droplets are metabolized only with respect to the fact that immune cells interact with those droplets, transporting them through the lymphatic system, forming antibodies to them and remembering them (memory is one of the unique characteristics of the immune system). In other words, squalene molecules are not broken down or transformed into something that the body can then use or discard.

When researchers at the Polish Academy of Sciences injected squalene into rats, the droplets accumulated in the rats' myelin sheaths (the insulation around their nerves) in their peripheral nervous systems, and in the neurons of their brain cortexes. Here's the reference and abtract for the first paper, published in 1997:

Smialek M, Gajkowska B, Ostrowski RP, Piotrowski P, Experimental squalene encephaloneuropathy in the rat, Folia Neuropathol, 1997;35(4):262-4.

Department of Neuropathology, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warszawa.

ABSTRACT: To investigate the influence of squalene on the nervous system, adult male Wistar rats were injected with squalene subcutaneously with 20 g/kg of the body weight for 4 consecutive days. After 7 or 30 days from the initiation of the experiment, brain and ischiadic nerves were harvested for electron microscopy. Squalene affected mostly PNS targeting Schwann cells and myelin sheaths. Accumulation of lipid-like droplets in the myelin sheaths in the PNS and in the neurons in the brain cortex, hypertrophy of endothelium, and sometimes endothelial apoptosis in blood vessels, and increased synthesis of collagen in the ischiadic nerve were characteristic for developed squalene encephaloneuropathy. [Highlighting and italics mine]

Here's the reference and abstract for the second paper, published two years later:

Gajkowska B, Smialek M, Ostrowski RP, Piotrowski P, Frontczak-Baniewicz M, The experimental squalene encephaloneuropathy in the rat, Exp Toxicol Pathol, 1999 Jan;51(1):75-80.

The Laboratory of the Ultrastructure of the Nervous System, Medical Research Center, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw.

ABSTRACT: Accumulation of squalene in the CNS is observed after administration of tellurium and squalene has been proposed to be a mediator of tellurium encephaloneuropathy. The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of squalene on the central and peripheral nervous systems in rat at the ultrastructural level. Squalene was administered at a dose of 20 g/kg body weight, once daily for 4 days, and the animals were sacrificed 7 days and 30 days after the initiation of the experiment. After 7 days a mild swelling of mitochondria and dilation of the Golgi complex cisterns in few neurons in the cerebral cortex and hippocampus were observed. The swelling of astrocytes and their processes was also seen. Some myelin sheaths in the cerebral white matter were disintegrated. In the peripheral nervous system (the sciatic nerve), a damage of the Schwann cells, a destruction of the myelin sheaths, and lipid-like deposits between myelin lamellae causing a secondary compression of axons were present. Squalene administration caused a stimulation of fibroblast to synthesize collagen and an activation of macrophages in the perineurium. After 30 days, the lipid-like material was present in some neurons as well as in the myelin sheaths in the central nervous system. Endothelial cells were hypertrophic and a few demonstrated features of apoptosis. Endothelial cell hypertrophy caused a narrowing of vessel lumen associated with an aggregation of blood morphological elements. Disturbances in myelination and swelling of astrocytic processes persisted in the central nervous system. In the peripheral nervous system, lipid-like deposits were localized in some fibroblasts and extracellularly between the collagen fibers in the perineurium. In conclusion, our electron microscopic studies indicate that squalene produces characteristic pathological changes both in the central and peripheral nervous systems. However, these alterations differ in some aspects (changes in endothelia, accumulation of lipid-like material) from the known features of tellurium encephaloneuropathy. [Highlighting and italics mine]

I italicized the information in these abstracts that are relevant to your illness; though exactly may not be immediately obvious.

The Polish researchers discovered that the so-called "metabolizable" squalene did not break down when injected into rats; it stuck around in inappropriate places in their bodies - places that were clearly bad for the rats. The squalene deposits in the rat nervous systems and brains were associated with severe, irreversible neurological injury. What sort of physical injury does the government now admit [thirteen years after the war] to detecting in Gulf War veterans? Neurological.

The Polish data is consistent with Chiron's. Chiron has reported that squalene injected into mice can be found in the mouse inguinal lymph nodes 48 hours after injection. In other words, when you inject squalene, it hangs around, intact, in places where you don't particularly want it.

Here's how this potentially affects you. The squalene injected into rats didn't get metabolized safely. The injected squalene stuck around. It got transported from the injection site to unwanted places, the nerves and brain, and deposited there. It was also connected to subsequent neurological damage in rats.

So let's think about injected squalene in relation to your cancer. According to Chiron's patent for its squalene-in-water adjuvant, MF59, why is it essential that injected oil get metabolized?

It is essential that the oil be metabolized by the host to which it is administered, otherwise the oil component may cause abscesses, granulomas or even carcinomas,

It is essential because non-metabolized oil can cause "carcinomas." Carcinomas are what? Cancer.

Government scientists knew this as far back as the 1950s. When they conducted follow-ups on Army troops at Fort Dix who were immunized with an experimental flu vaccine containing light mineral oil, the government scientists looked for what? Excess "collagen disease" (autoimmune diseases like lupus and scleroderma), and excess "neoplasms." What are neoplasms? They are tumors, which can either be benign or cancerous.

Do you follow my logic? Based on data published by Chiron Corporation, and scientists working for the U.S. and Polish governments, injected oil, which the body does not metabolize, can cause what? It can cause cancer. Injected squalene is not metabolized in the same way squalene is metabolized when your body makes it. When your body makes squalene, it is inside of cells (not floating around as free molecules in the bloodstream as DOD maintains) and it is quickly "cyclized" or transformed into something else the body can use. Again, this doesn't happen to injected squalene. Injected squalene sticks around, intact.

This does not prove your cancer was caused by an oil adjuvant, specifically, squalene that may have been added to anthrax vaccine lot # FAV 041 (squalene's presence in this lot has not been proven by gas chromatographic/mass spectrometry testing, although injection with lot #FAV 041 has induced antibodies to squalene). But it is data, along with the "temporal association" between vaccination and the onset of your cancer, which suggests that it could have been."

LT Kelly: According to the anthrax vaccine package insert reissued by BioPort on 31 January 2002, at least two types of cancer were reported by recipients of anthrax vaccine between 1990 and December 2001: "leukemia and lymphoma" - cancers that occur in blood-forming tissues and in the lymphatic system, respectively. Hence, there are scientific as well as anecdotal grounds to suspect that the onset of "multiple myeloma" in your "immune system," following anthrax immunization, is more than coincidental.

Gary Matsumoto
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