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Thanks for Your Book and your apparently unique approach!

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 11, 2005 3:36 am    Post subject: Thanks for Your Book and your apparently unique approach! Reply with quote

I have always loved the Beatles especialy John and his songs but have fairly recently been bitten by the bug of obssession after watching the Beatles Anthology.

Now your book has come along on his birthday and I enjoyed your talk at B&N's tonight so I had to write a spontaneous poem for John's birthday and Columbus/ Indigenous Peoples day a strange but maybe apt pairing for me somehow.
Anyway just wanted to thank you for your book and will definitely give you two more cents on it as I read it voraciously in the coming days.

you see my blog at or read on!

"For what Ever let's You evoLive your Life"
Stoned Mantel Peace
I read the News Today oh boy, about a lucky man who'd made the grade
and though the new's was rather sad I just had to laugh

having read the book

I'd love to write you a poemmmmmm!

October 9th 2005
John Lennon's 65th Birthday

October 10th 2005
Indigenous People's Day (Columbus Day)

John smiles
and squints
grannie glasses

Blowing On
the candles
they spark
to life

His lifedeath
and music
continue to expand

exponential fractal edges
of smooth acerbic stones
skipping ripple


the public face

Peace Scream!!!

And the tango ensues
Bloody white man
Chalk feathered red man

"Orgy of denial"
America schooling dogma doctrine

for fear of Imperial supremecist loss
thinking it won't be found under the moneythugrug
broken under foot and grave

But the Truth Rises!

and the Earth
and All her Children

Her first Children
Our Elders

not just dark silly myths despised
into our paranoid unintegrated fear
of fears

of our lost humanity

Not Just!
as our brothers keepers
and jailers
and executioners

Hypocritical histories
of convenience!

Please Please Please
Stem the tide
need empathy pain
and otherness sameness joy

and are we

am I redeemable
The stereo type
of the noble savage
extinct indigenous
naive pure genius


like our precious motherless children earth

Each must pay...
and individualy
we can
learn and unlearn
and collectively
the true savage

in the war path
of the white mans

nuclear breeder reaction
hatred monotheist unGODllyfolly

and pray for a swift extinction
or eventual redemption

leavened heaven
past eleven

want to make the journey
of being as new?



for ressurections

I (We) want John (and what he represents) to live more desperately now that he (IT) is not living now again once and future
hopeful spirit
paradise losin' you(we)

I (We) want Indeginous and non indigenous to be a stranger racist memory mourned like a half unremembered plague of bygone days


Sons of Italy fed to the dogs tied at the mast of slavery and ineptitude sailing on a flat earth to worship gold above living brothers flesh and heart minds!

Would that all could make equally heroic efforts to love and understand and make all anscestory proud
Standing up erect not knucle dragging fossil clones

7 Up yours generations
Evil Appocalypse Cronyism agendas in the name of

Peace and Freedom!

Give us
The scarab Silver Beatles!!!

Who walked our mad culture excrement balls
backward up Foolshill
as symbolic Imagine song Strawberry Feild
Tommorow Never Knows... time passage refrain
Harmony's harmonies and rhythm of
reflecting on day in the life and after life life

LOVE evol love, EVOL love evol
Nothing you can do??? Really?Maybe
then John Lennon and our Indigenous brothers and sisters could honestly pat my (Your)back
and say

"Now! your on the path to finding your truth our truth beyond truth."
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Author - Larry

PostPosted: Thu Oct 13, 2005 3:55 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks so much--Terrific!

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