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son's symptoms, possible vaccine-a link?

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 26, 2005 1:22 am    Post subject: son's symptoms, possible vaccine-a link? Reply with quote

My son received his anthrax vaccine at Pendleton prior to his deployment to Iraq. He is currently experiencing myalgias, sleep disturbances, and some depression. He is also taking blood pressure medicines that have those symptoms as side effects. He was formerly on HCTZ, with the same symptomology, quit taking it and was better. One of the meds he is currently on is Norvasc. I have, in the past, mentioned your book and web site and reminded him, that he may want to explore the vaccine connection. He plans to take his card, related to his vaccine administration, with him to the doctor on his visit this week. Are there any questions he should be asking? They have tested him for lupus, arthritis and fibromyalgia, testing the later two with WSR I believe.
I have been deeply disappointed in our governmment and many of their actions and would like to express my appreciation for your exposing this problem.
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Dugway 1981

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 26, 2005 11:03 pm    Post subject: I agree THANK YOU Mr. Matsumoto! The rest of us TAKE ACTION! Reply with quote

I agree that we should ALL thank Mr. Matsumoto for his in-depth research and professionally written, detailed, thoroughly documented, and critically important book exposing the "cruel and unusual" abuse of the uniformed military by our government! Mr. Matsumoto has done his part and now the rest of "us," who are either suffering because of military testing, or are concerned about this unethical, immoral, and illegal activity, should spread the word about Mr. Matsumoto's book and important findings . . . ALL Americans "should" be OUTRAGED with our U.S. Government's "legally-sanctioned" testing on unsuspecting uniformed military, administered without the servicemembers' knowledge or informed consent! Our government's violation of American servicemembers, and of Americans' trust, is "disappointing" to say the least! In this regard, I respectfully ask that everyone who has read Mr. Matsumoto's book:

1) Promote "Vaccine-A" to all Americans, both civilian and military;
2) write, call, and E-mail your elected representatives, voicing disgust over the ab'use' of the uniformed military, and demanding action "IMMEDIATELY"; and
3) get organized (I'm pointing a finger at myself, here, too)!

With hundreds of thousands of uniformed military being ab'used,' and having been ab'used,' as human guinea pigs by the U.S. Government (other Federal Departments and Agencies are involved, too, in addition to the DoD), there should easily be enough of "us" to collectively form a loud voice that is heard and gets action!

I'm voicing my concern, together with "spspaniel," because, having suffered for nearly a quarter-of-a-century due to our Government's practice of using the uniformed military for medical research, my life is unalterably diminished, I suffer torturously, and I become increasingly outraged each time I read yet another story like this one. It's long overdue that this abuse of military servicemembers STOPs so there will never again be yet another parent anguishing about their child's suffering and well-being because the military physically violated their loved one and ethically, and morally, violated the parent's trust!

A distant, but associated, unethical practice that needs to be challenged, too, is that Mr. Bush keeps $1 of military retirement pay for each $1 the retiree receives in Veterans Administration disability benefits, such as that received by those of us who were used as human guinea pigs by the military; in my case, this means that I forfeit my entire military retirement because I'm disabled as a result of having been deceived and physically abused by the military as a medical human guinea pig. Mr. Bush defends his "theft" of earned retirement pay by saying that he needs disabled retirees' retirement money to help pay for his tax cuts. Couldn't he at least take away the military retirement pay from retirees who are well and able to work rather than the other way around? Obviously, I'm not suggesting this, but it puts the absurdity of this unethical deception of disabled American military retirees into perspective. Oh well, that's another aggravation, and unethical Governmental practice, for disabled military retirees, or anyone considering making the military a career, to battle.

All best regards to you and your son!

George C. Richwine
Major, USAF (Retired, suffering, and poor)
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Gary M. - Author

PostPosted: Tue Sep 27, 2005 1:22 am    Post subject: Reply to Reply with quote

Dear spspaniel: Thank you for writing and sharing your concerns about your son's ailments. You've reported information here that suggests his complaints may be side effects from medication. Your son's improvement after he stopped taking these medicines is another indication that his problems are linked to them, and not the vaccine, but his doctor is the person who should make that determination. I would urge you and your son to thoroughly discuss this matter with his primary care physician.

Let's keep talking about this. If your son has no objections, I would appreciate updates on his condition.

Gary Matsumoto
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