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Junk vaccine science

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 07, 2011 1:55 am    Post subject: Junk vaccine science Reply with quote

Apparently the safety of vaccinations is doubted by many naturalists and homeopaths that are opposed to the safety of vaccinations. For those of us who doubt the effectiveness of these vaccines are shunned, criticized and ridiculed because we challenge medicine! How dare we actually think for ourselves?

It's a bit odd that their data lacks actual testing or measures the real effectiveness of vaccines. I also know first-hand the dangers of using vaccinations because my health has steadily declined over my 15 year military career. During my journey I worked with and knew people who were completely healthy and developed debilitating diseases that left them completely disabled or even worse….dead. So, I question the safety of the vaccines and I am immediately called a kook or a quack! But for those who tell me how safe the vaccines are have never received the anthrax, typhoid, yellow fever, havrix, hep a &B, or any other concoction that the military mandates we take before we ship off to a military deployment in the Middle East. They tell me that my sources are incomplete or lacking data yet their sources are peer reviewed articles or books that their doctor of choice has written! Of course I don’t expect the military, the DOD, or the VA to openly admit that the vaccines are creating sickly soldiers because to them these shots are “safe”. If these shots are safe, why is there a Gulf War Syndrome that only the US and UK soldiers have developed yet those other nations who deployed to the Middle East in the early ‘90s have never developed this disease? The only things that link the nations who have suffered this problem are vaccines! I am a believer now and will never give up my fight to expose the dangerous side-effects of these shots!

I would recommend against vaccines for children, adults and pets alike because there is not enough science behind them. I do not care what names they call me. I know the truth and there’s not a darn thing that will change my mind otherwise…unless of course they strip mercury, squalene, human diploid tissue, and other questionable materials from the vaccines.
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