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Death from Anthrax Vaccine

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Joined: 16 Oct 2009
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PostPosted: Fri Oct 16, 2009 2:16 pm    Post subject: Death from Anthrax Vaccine Reply with quote

My now deceased 25 yr old friend was given 4 anthrax shots onboard the USS Blue Ridge. Admiral Jay Johnson told them he took the shots and now everyone must do so in early May 1999.
By April 2000 her right arm was useless and she was admitted to Walter Reed hospital where she died a very painful and slow death on Oct 22, 2001.
While visiting my friend, I met many parents of young men and woman who were given these vaccines and became very ill. They are covering up all the reactions to these vaccines!!!!
I could not get one person in the media, or in the medical field to help us once we mentioned military.

Please refuse ANY vaccine our gov't is insisting you get. This swine flu vaccine contains the squalene that I believe killed my friend.
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Location: Madison, Mississippi

PostPosted: Sat Oct 17, 2009 3:58 pm    Post subject: Another soldier that died Reply with quote

Specialist Rachel Lacy died on April 4, 2003, while being treated at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. She was a member of the US Army Reserve and had been called to active duty at the mobilization station at Fort McCoy, Wisconsin. She received five vaccinations on March 2, 2003, at Fort McCoy. In alphabetic order, they are anthrax, hepatitis B, measles-mumps-rubella, smallpox, and typhoid. The measles-mumps-rubella and smallpox vaccines are live-virus vaccines. The others are inactivated vaccines. She also received a tuberculin skin test on the same day.
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Joined: 22 May 2010
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PostPosted: Sun Mar 06, 2011 5:43 am    Post subject: Sad stories! Reply with quote

I too am a veteran and actively serving until my medical evaluation board is completed. I have known many people who have fallen ill to vaccinations but people in the military call me a kook or say I'm crazy to even consider that we're being poisoned!

I started the initial round of the 8 anthrax shots back in 1998 along with the other mandatory shots you mentioned. I noticed a few months later that my knees were achy and popped/cracked more often. I was never a runner, so I figured that the running was contributing to my knee problems. Of course the doctors ignored the sinus infections and told me I was too young to have knee problems; however, they never offered a CT scan or MRI for a proper diagnosis of any of my ailments. They make you wait until you're really bad until they intervene....

That said, I returned to the AOR in 2003 where I had another sinus infection that kind of cleared up with antibiotics. From then on I had a couple of infections here and there but they would typically only last for a week or two. Then, in 2008 I was activated again and had another flu shot and had a full-blown sinus infection that was kind of cleared up until my doctor recommended a surgery to open up the airways so that the mucous could be rinsed out. A year later I had a septoplasty and another sinus surgery and had 2 allergy tests that showed no reactions to anything! The only thing I came up with a year later was Sjogren's Syndrome since I had an acute pancreatic attack, another sinus infection, dry eyes, dry mouth, and chronic headaches and pink eye. I also suffer from IBS which was triggered around this same time-frame. Of course, none of my doctors said they were interrelated but Sjogren's attacks the connective tissue and mucous membranes along with some of the organs (such as the pancreas). Now I have RA and osteoarthritis in my knees after a hip injury I sustained in 2009 while deployed back to the Middle East. Of course I had ONE more anthrax shot along with whatever they shoved into that needle. I had another flu shot while I was deployed and developed another sinus infection that the doctor told me I didn't have. Rather, he insisted I had allergies! But when I tried to explain that I was already allergy tested he ignored me and shoved some mucinex and alegra D into my hands and turned me away! I asked for something to help me sleep but they told me that I was not authorized any of those things when I came back home my ENT told me I had a major sinus infection! This was a year ago and I still have chronic infections that never seem to fully disappear. Yet none of these doctors can tell me why this is happening all of a sudden or link them to the vaccines or my immune suppression. They told me that the shots are "safe" and that they contain dead I asked about the other ingredients and they denied the heavy metals. My Chief Master Sergeant was pissed when I refused my flu shot (after I turned a letter in from my ENT and my PCM stating they do not want me to take it due to the sinus problems I get every time I get injected) and I had to get another letter because the clinic 'lost' the doctor convenient!

Now my knees have moderate synovitis, torn menisci, osteo in the tibias, crepitation, and pain on the sides and backs...but they claim it's NOT from my military service. OK, when I deployed I was running 1.5 miles a few times a week along with other cardio and weight training. Then, I deployed to the Middle East in June '09 and the next day after we arrived they forced us to run a 5k which was closer to 5 miles! We all wanted to die due to the humidity and the fact we weren't acclimated to the heat but they failed to give us the 21 days that the regulations state we are supposed to have when we arrive in theater. They also forced me to take a mock PT test after they knew I had injured my hip from the laborious work they tasked me to do. I am a 36 year old female that is in pretty good shape, but lifting 50-80lb boxes from 150-20 pallets by myself every other day is a bit too much for me! Then, after I worked my 15 hour shift they forced us to run the 5k (5mi) route with the squadron. After the second month, I felt more like a POW than a member of the armed forces! I think inmates are treated better actually and I’d put money on that! The motto we used was “Our morale sucks so yours doesn’t have to!” And after our commander heard it she told us to shut that up or we’d get written up. Nice huh?
They finally agreed to send me downtown for an MRI and they originally diagnosed me with bursitis. After physical therapy failed and the doctors making me feel as if this pain was localized in my imagination…they finally sent me to a hip specialist who agreed to perform arthroscopy and found out I had a labral tear in the hip along with synovitis and a really tight psoas muscle that he released (cut off of the bone). The rehab is hard but since I am in the guard not active duty but am utilizing days while I await treatment and my medical board, they are trying to rush me out the door w/o proper paperwork or a diagnosis! They’re telling me that my knees were not exacerbated by service but clearly I was capable of running before the deployment but afterwards I wasn’t! It is so frustrating and irritating knowing that some of these shots have contributed to my injuries and illnesses but we’re completely ignored or treated like we’re trying to milk the system…actually I lost my dream job because now that I’m hurt, I cannot promote, deploy, or cross train which means I am stuck at this hell hole. I had to file a congressional to reinstate my orders since they took me off of orders when I returned home from the desert. Now they’re totally pissed off and I think that them telling me my knees were preexisting (which doesn’t matter because the regulations state if my condition was exacerbated by military service which it was that I’m covered for a line of duty determination). It all comes down to the fact that nobody wants to pay our benefits…but I’m not the person I used to be! I used to actively compete in bodybuilding competitions and spent hours hiking and biking. Now I’m lucky to get my butt off the couch from chronic fatigue. Plus, I cannot walk far because of the hip/knee pain. The doctor today said my knees won’t keep me from running but I beg to differ! Over the past 3 months I have woken up in the middle of the night with horrible pain! I take sleeping pills to stay asleep…so it’s apparent that vaccines have destroyed my entire life! And I am so sick of being called a hypochondriac that I just want them to kick me out, provided they document my injuries correctly! That way, I can use the VA system for temporary disability when I have knee surgery!
I would love to know if anyone else has had problems with their chain of command or with the medical board system because I too may write a book to reveal how badly the military members are treated as a result of this failed medical system of the armed forces!
I am sorry for the losses of your friends. Nobody should be treated like this-human or animal!
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Joined: 22 May 2010
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PostPosted: Sun Mar 06, 2011 5:47 am    Post subject: Shot record missing data Reply with quote

One other thought, I was speaking to my husband's cousin's wife who was kicked out of the USAF with 100% disability told me that her kidneys failed her but she's not sure why. Plus, she has undiagnosed immune problems...

We discussed our shot records and I have had over 50 but only 30 are documented! I know for sure I had 4-6 shot guns into each arm, but only ONE of those shots was entered on my shot record! That's the ppd shot, not even sure what that means, but I had that shot.

She had a ton of shots and her record never reflected the real amount that she had received! What's going on here? Why are they not recording these accurately? Could they enter it onto a database but only we can see what they want us to see? I find this kinda odd personally...
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