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What now?

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 25, 2008 9:05 pm    Post subject: What now? Reply with quote

How do you go about getting an autoimmune deficiency diagnosed or confirmed? Iím an active duty Soldier in the Army. I was given shots at Ft. Bragg some time ago that were not put in our records & those same records were miraculously lost. (I think we only received two shots in the series though)
Until now Iíve given up on trying to find out what is wrong with me. I donít have the energy or brain power to make a list of every problem I have experienced in the last five years and they donít seem to believe me anyway. I am also a divorced, single mother of a seven year old son- honestly; I also havenít had the time. But the lists compiled here are pretty close. I am so tired of missing out on activities with my son because Iím unable to lose the migraine or sometimes even get out of bed- Iím tired of sleeping. Iím tired of dragging through life.
Before the joined the Army I loved physical activities. My favorite thing to do in the whole world was play racquetball. Iím not lazy but now I ache constantly. I sometimes donít have the energy to tie my shoes let alone consider playing with my son. Iíve been to a Doctor- only to be told Iím probably depressed- which Iím not. So what do I do now? Iíd already decided to stay in the Army as long as possible- since theyíve caused my problems- they can deal with them.
But my son is also medically sensitive. I was told it was because when he was in an accident and in the hospital for nine days; they gave him high levels of morphine. I was told that this caused a condition called audio toxicity Ė or high pitch/high frequency tone loss in both ears. But I am not so sure now that that was the cause. See, he had an allergic reaction to the one year vaccines. It lasted three almost four weeks. We were in and out the hospital during that entire time only to be told that the redness, swelling and high fever were normal and I should stop bringing him unless his fever spiked more than 104 degrees. (It came close.) Needless to say I wised up and havenít allowed him to receive vaccines since but I still wonder and would like to find out what long term damage; if any, those vaccines caused. I am still amazed when a pediatrician notices this and gives me a sermon about getting those caught up. They werenít there. I was and I know what ever they gave him was harmful to the point his body felt the need to reject it. - so I would like to also test him for squalene. Is that possible? Do I just go into the doctor and ask for the blood test or do I have to request a specialist? Will it even be worth it? Is an audio immune deficiency issue curable or at least manageable? Maybe I should just keep pushing myself through these issues as I have in the past and let tomorrow take care of itself? I guess Iím scared but still want to know. Any advice you could give us would greatly be appreciated. Also I want to thank you for standing and putting light on this issue. It hard for me to accept that the government we love, support and blindly follow could be capable of harming the very people who defend it. Thanks again, Des
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