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A "John Lennon Version of Psalm 23"... as Intuitio

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 18, 2008 5:14 am    Post subject: A "John Lennon Version of Psalm 23"... as Intuitio Reply with quote

I have some rather strange stories.. related to John.. or - his memory- or presence of spirit.... seemingly... this is something that happened a couple of days back. (I write music, poems, stories.. and this is sort of
on the 'inspriration'level..) It made me laugh... but then, I am a rather queer bird, I know. ah well. for what it is worth.. and this is sort of.. the aftermath: or, in the midst of reading Lennon Revealed, as well as wading through the more barbed and pointed notes and anecdotes within the Clayson... Lennon. book.

I was reading a catalogue of oriental trading.. it carries a vast.. assortment of odds and ends and doodads
and gadgets... mostly like, plastic trinkets and bracelets and tatooes and tote bags: craft projects you can
order en masse.. for cheap.. and they are western/ judeo/christian holiday oriented... it is the Easter Catalogue.

SO , here I am, going through this overwhelming mass of stuff... my first glance said, "This is the product of
a marketer's mind gone mad" .. running overtime.

SO, I began from the back... as I always do with magazines.. and. - - - it was rubberduckies and easter eggs
and pink plastic grass and baskets and chocolates.. and all that stuff.. to create the Easter DReam.. you know
for children. Even had the picture there of the eight year old boy holding his basket of goodies in his lap: the
perfect Easter scene of joy... and I have this way of looking at things
like this,, and what goes through my mind is.."Ugh.. I wonder what
John would think and have to say.. about this!?..."

and we waded onward and backward.. as it were... forward from the back.. and then we came to the St. Patrick's
Day Green plastic derby hats... shamrocks on strings... lights (they connect) party favors.. tierra's
(get the girls drunk and they will wear them: you would be surprised!)...

but , I think it was when we came across the "green fortune cookies" - that something snapped.

a page or two later.. it was the resin figurines of the resurrection: Christ, a liitle tomb, and six witnesses..
it gave us a hearty laugh.. there with the tied-plush cross pillow, the "faith cross" craft kits.. the Faith Stones,
the egg candles, the floating egg candles, the crocheted crosses.. and the tiny wooden crosses: to decorate
gift boxes..{{and he whispers...".(send one to each of your best vampire friends!!).."}}

So then, I was getting a coffee.. and this littany started going through the back of my mind... like-
just this stream of words.. and it was based on the 23rd Psalm: "The Lord Is My Shepherd.."..
and it started with the last half..." I am hauled kicking and screaming.."
so .. I grabbed a pencil and an envelope.. and started jotting it down... and
then put it first part first after... so, here that it were..:
(or so, I Imagine...)

"John Lennon's version of psalm 23."

"The Lord is my Shepherd: I better not want.
He will lead me whithersoever He pleases... and I best
say that the pasture is green and pleasant...
- it's all in your mind, you know.

He will lead you through many waters..-
and when the tides are BLack.. and the muck sucks and oozes-
and leaches line your legs... and eels wallow in the reek...
His hand wil be there some where.. to reach to pull you out...

and SO...

as I am hauled kicking and screaming through the valley
under the shadows of Death..
..although I have truly soiled meself with fear- unrestrained
of every evil...

..the iron grip of your fingers clutching the collar of my shirt...
occasioned with the intermittent violent shake of my entire
being.... serves me notice to observe that...

everything will turn out all right in the end.
Embarassed Laughing -----------------------------------------------------------
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