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Making sense?

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servant of Yah

PostPosted: Sun Jan 16, 2005 4:51 am    Post subject: Making sense? Reply with quote

Anthrax vaccine was ruled "a drug unapproved for its intended use or an investigational new drug" in a United States District Court not too long after Gary's book came out. The ruling forbid forcing servicemen to forcibly receive the vaccine.

The court ruling noted that this was in accordance with the FDA's own regulations though the FDA had not followed its own regulations.

One week later the United States government announced it was purchasing 75 million doses of another anthrax vaccine. The FDA has not approved this vaccine either.

Why is the U. S. government purchasing a vaccine after a U.S. District Court has determined by FDA regulations that it is neither proven safe nor effective?

Making cent$

The U.S. government is purchasing this new vaccine (neither proven safe nor effective) from VaxGen Inc. for almost $900 million dollars. This is part of a $5.6 billion health giveaway signed into law by President George W. Bush this past summer.

The company will receive no payment for the product (neither proven safe nor effective) until delivery in 2006 according to Tommy Thompson, Secretary of Health and Human Services.

However, VaxGen Inc. has already received more than $100 million dollars of government funding for research and production of this new vaccine (neither proven safe nor effective).

How do you suppose a court would rule if you were charged in court with taking money from me, testified that you took money from me, and also testified that you didn't take money from me?

Just whose money is that which the government is giving to these private companies?

Making scents

The week following the above court decision it was announced that Elizabeth Edwards has breast cancer. She is wife to Democratic vice presidential candidate John Edwards. The largest national news service took this opportunity to report that, "Treatments have been getting better." It justified this statement with a notation that "five-year survival rate for breast cancer is 87 per cent, up from 78 per cent in the mid-1980s."

If that statement doesn't stink to you it is because your senses have been dulled.

1) The statement was not about cure. It was about surviving at least five years.

2) The "improvement" was barely 10 percent through 20 years time. That is only about one-half of one percent per year.

3) "Early detection" only began to receive significant emphasis starting in the mid 1980s.

4) Average survival time with breast cancer was 3.5 years from 1955 to 1980 according to Dr. Hardin B. Jones of University of California Berkeley.

5) Growing emphasis on "early detection" through 20 years time and better detection techniques has allowed earlier discovery of breast cancer.

If one with breast cancer would survive 3.5 years and then found that same cancer 1.5 years earlier then the increased survival time would have nothing to do with better treatment.

Only one half of one per cent improvement in length of survival over 20 years doesn't look like very much better treatment at all.

Playing the odds

The research community is betting against the common people understanding the numbers. They are playing a numbers game.

The week following the Edwards announcement a study co-sponsored by the American Public Health Association noted that the U.S. is 29th in the world in infant mortality. That means a higher percentage of babies die before 1 year old in this country than in 28 other countries.

If this nation came in 29th place in the medal standings at the Olympics this last summer there would have been a tremendous public outcry. Yet this new report is not about Olympic medals. It is about lives of American babies.

In 1971 the U.S. was only 16th in the world in infant mortality. This means that in 30 years this nation has almost a 100 per cent worse rate of babies dying.

It was reported that this worse rate is directly an issue related to prenatal and pediatric care. Yet this nation has more access to health care and spends more money on it than any other nation.

The only logical conclusion is that dollar for dollar American health care is worse than 29th. It is the most inefficient in the entire world.

The American health care and research system is the worst of all welfare frauds.
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