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PostPosted: Tue Aug 05, 2008 7:45 pm    Post subject: THE ORIGIN OF AIDS Reply with quote



Thanks to Blaine Elswood, Tom Curtis and Ed Hooper, the sad and terrible truth about how this virus was transferred from animals to human has been exposed.

In 1986 the World Health Organisation employed an outside consultant to go to Central Africa and find out what had caused AIDS to appear there. The explosion of AIDS cases had followed the intensive smallpox vaccination campaign that the World Health Organisation ad conducted in Zaire, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi, Rwanda and Burundi. The World Health Organisation brag about the vaccination campaign. [Fenner, F., Henderson, D.A., et al., Smallpox and its Eradication. World Health Organization, Geeva, 1988, 911.] When he reported his finding to the World Health Organisation, they fired him. So he went to the London Times with his story. 11th May 1987 the London Times carried a front page article entitled “Smalpox vaccine ‘triggered AIDS virus’ ”. The countries in which smallpox vaccination was done were the countries in which a million cases of AIDS suddenly appeared. The researcher had been fired by the World Health Organisation for making that discovery.

But the earliest evidence of HIV in a human being was found in a blood sample taken in the Belgian Congo in 1959. [Nahamias, A.J., Weiss, J., et al Evidence for Human Infection with an HTLV III/LAV-Like Virus in Central Africa, 1959. Lancet May 31; 1279-1280.] [The Sunday Times Magazine, June 21, 1987, 66.] This means that the HIV virus was already in humans in Central Africa before the smallpox vaccination campaign started in 1967.

An independent medical researcher, Blaine Elswood, developed suspicions that the HIV virus got into humans through a polio vaccination campaign conducted by the American company in the Belgian Congo from 1957 to 1960. In those days the polio vaccines were usually made by growing the polio virus on monkey kidneys, and then putting a bit of monkey kidney into each vial of vaccine. When people are injected with vaccine made from monkey kidney, or when they swallow oral vaccine made from uncooked monkey kidney, they take into their bodies any viruses that are unintentionally included in the vaccine, along with the polio virus. There are a group of viruses called SIV that live in the bodies of monkeys without killing monkeys. When these viruses get into human beings they cause disease because human beings have not yet adopted to them. The SIV viruses are similar in structure to the HIV virus.

An investigative journalist, Tom Curtis, found strong circumstantial evidence associating the polio vaccination campaign with the beginning of AIDS. He published the evidence in Rolling Stone. [Curits, T., The Origin Of AIDS: A Startling New Theory Attempts to Answer the Question ‘Was it an Act of God or and Act of Man?’, Rolling Stone, March 19, 1992, 626:54-60, 106, 108] Part of this evidence came from map that the vaccinators themselves had published in the British Medical Journal [Courtois, G., Flack, A., et al, Preliminary Report On Mass Vaccination of man with live attenuated poliomyelitis virus in the Belgian Congo and Ruanda-Urnundi. Brit Med J July 26 1958; 187-190.] This area – the eastern Congo, Rwanda and Burundi, had the highest incidence of AIDS in the world by 1988. The first cases of AIDS had appeared in that region in 1962. The article provoked debate and denials, and a law suit cost Rolling Stone half a million dollars in defence costs before the suit was dropped. [Cribb, J., The White Death. Angus and Robertson, Sydney, 1996, 187.] Using law suits to silence their critics is a time honoured tactic of the drug companies. They aim to make editors and publishers frightened of publishing anything that could make the public aware of issues which threaten drug company profits.

Ed Hooper, in a book entitled “The River: A Journey to the Source of HIV and AIDS” unearths the fact that some batches of the polio vaccine were made using chimpanzee kidneys, not monkey kidneys. In the Belgian Congo, chimpanzees had been caught and kept in cages until they were killed. More than one million doses of vaccine were administered between 1957 and 1960, and unfortunately some of the chimp kidneys had contained the HIV virus. [Hooper, E., The River: A Journey to the Source of HIV and AIDS. Little, Brown and Company, Boston, New York, London, 1999. ISBN 0-316-37261-7(hc) On the same year it was published in Britain by Allen Lane, The Peguin Press, with the same page numbering. ISBN 0-713-99335-9.]

So the polio vaccination campaign created a pool of HIV infected Africans, and later the World Health Organisation started its mass vaccination campaign against smallpox in Central Africa using jet injectors. Jet injectors do not need to be sterilised after each vaccination. However, the jet injectors kept on breaking down, so in 1968 they changed to using the bifurcated needle. They did not sterilise the needle between vaccinations, so small amounts of blood from people who already carried the HIV virus got into millions of people.

The bifurcated needle takes 20 minutes to sterilise between recipients. “The bifurcated needle was developed by Wyeth Laboratories, Philadelphia, which allowed the eradication program to use it without patents costs. It became the basic tool in the program, and enabled a vaccinator to give up to 1,500 vaccinations a day.” [Technology, Determination Win Against Implacable Enemy Dateline:CDC October 1979; 11(10):2,8.]

A million of people were given polio vaccine in Central Africa between 1957 and 1959, and some batches of vaccine were made with chimpanzee kidney instead of the usual monkey kidney. The vaccinations did not know that the chimpanzee kidney contained a virus that can survive for long time in the human body, and eventually destroys the immune system of the person it has entered. At least fifty people became infected with this virus, and they infected other people through sexual contact. More than a decade later the World Health Organisation conducted a small pox vaccination campaign in the region, and they did not clean the needles they used to scratch the vaccine into each persons flesh between vaccinations. This meant that blood was taken from person to person on the tip of the needle, and a million people became infected with the chimpanzee virus. The virus was later called HIV, and the disease that it caused was called AIDS.

This is by no means the first time that vaccination has caused an unwanted germ to get into the recipients. Thousands of people have contracted hepatitis B from contaminated vaccines. On one occasion 50,000 people got hepatitis B from yellow fever vaccine. [Seef, L.B. Beebe, G.W., et al., A serologic follow-up of the 1942 epidemic of post-vaccination hepatitis in the United States Army. New Engl J Med 1987;316(16):965-970.] Smallpox vaccine was often contaminated with syphilis. [Fenner, F., Henderson, D.A., et al, Smallpox and its Eradication, World Health Organisation, Geneva, 1988, 264-265] There is a type of SIV virus called SV40 which only lives in Asia monkeys, not in African monkeys. It causes cancer in humans. When it was discovered in the 1950s that American polio vaccine contained the SV40 virus, the manufacturer started getting their monkeys from Africa instead of Asia, to avoid the virus. They sold all remaining stocks of contaminated vaccine to other countries. New Zeeland and Australia bought stocks of this vaccine, knowing that it was contaminated, because it was cheep. The general hushing up of the matter has been very effective.

Vaccines that are growing on animal flesh are inevitably contaminated with bacteria and viruses. In the World Health Organisation’s book on their mass vaccination campaign, they discuss what level of bacterial contamination is acceptable. Yuk! They do not discuss what level of viruses is acceptable. One of the reasons that the vaccine industry is increasingly moving towards manufacturing vaccines on aborted human foetuses is that the flesh is not likely to be contaminated with animal viruses. However, the main reason is that it is much cheaper to buy the bodies of aborted babies than to breed monkeys or other animals, or to obtain animals from the wild. Organs that have been stolen from babies who have died of cot death are not suitable for manufacturing vaccines, because when babies have lived out in the world for a while, they have germs and antibodies in their tissue.

Polio vaccine made on aborted babies was already being used in 1962. [Hooper, E., The River: A journey to the Source of HIV and AIDS. Little, Brown and Company, Boston, New Yor, London, 1999,329.] Naturally the vaccine industry does not want most of its customer base to know that they and their children are being fed with or injected with cells from an aborted baby, which is why there is no discussion of the matter in the mainstream media.

Every person who works for the vaccine industry has their own motives for wanting the truth about the origin of AIDS to be suppressed. In fact everyone who works for any part of the medical establishment has good reason to want the public not to know about this.


Vaccines cause serious side effects that are not acknowledged by the medical establishment. There is much greater problems with vaccination than the fact that a few vaccines cause serious side effects. Vaccination is responsible for a wide range of chronic diseases, and that is not the reason why diseases like diphtheria and whopping have declined. Infectious diseases that are not a normal part of childhood can be prevented by methods that are far more reliable than vaccination.

The history of vaccination is based on falsehood, cruelty and supposition. The vaccine industry is still not accountable for its actions. Every child on the planet is now a target for vaccination, and the result is that we already se epidemics of chronic diseases that are far more serious that the diseases they are trying to prevent.
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