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Enjoyed the book

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 12, 2008 9:39 pm    Post subject: Enjoyed the book Reply with quote

Hi Larry,
I thoroughly enjoyed "Lennon Revealed". I am a fan of John Lennon and all of The Beatles. I was shocked and saddened by some of the stories of John's escapades but I agree with you that genius inevitably has a flip side.
At eleven years old I saw The Beatles in '64 at Philly's old Convention Hall. I was very lucky to get a ticket since I waited outside Convention Hall for the ticket window to open with several hundred other fans. My older brother gave me 20 bucks to buy two tickets. He had to work so I eagerly volunteered to get the tickets myself since I lived in walking distance to the concert site. The window never opened. The doors opened and several men emerged. The crowd went crazy thinking that the tickets were going on sale. Being a fourth grader and quite small I was picked up and almost crushed by the motion of the mob toward the doors. I clawed my way to the top for air. One of the men, I believe it was Hy Lit the WIBG DJ, spoke and apologized saying that there were no more tickets available. Crestfallen, the crowd dispersed but not before shouting some choice words to the bearers of the bad news. As I was leaving I was approached by a fellow who said he had tickets for sale. I was very naive and said I wanted two tickets and pulled out my brothers twenty. The guy grabbed the bill and threw 1 ticket in my direction and disappeared into the throng. I picked it up, holding it like gold, yet started to cry because I would have to go home with only one ticket and no change. My brother wasn't mad at all although he was disappointed. He was happy that I got one ticket and said it would be his gift to me.
Thanks to you I was able to fulfill a life long dream of meeting John. This occurred when you brought him to town for the WFIL charity event. We shared a few words and shook hands. I came both days and got his autograph twice. He was very witty. The first day I brought a picture of the four Beatles and he signed under George's picture!!! He laughed and said "Ah what's the difference". I agreed and we shared a laugh. The next day I brought a notebook of my own writing and he signed it and asked what it was. He pretended to read some and said "...mmm very interesting, you should put this to music. We shook hands and I briefly wondered if I could go through life without washing my hands again. Fortunately sanity prevailed.
I read "Ticket to Ride" last year and finished "Lennon Revealed" last week. You are very lucky to have shared so much time with the lads from Liverpool. I am so happy that you have spent so much of your career in Philly and we have been able to benefit from your always being willing to share the great stories of your first hand experiences. One thing really cracked me up, I was blown away that he traveled alone by train to 30th Street Station. I would have expected a limo and an entourage!! What a charactor, I wish he was still around. Thanks again for the books and I for one am glad that John didn't convince you to stay in New York.
Gene Halloran
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PostPosted: Mon Feb 18, 2008 4:51 am    Post subject: Thank you, Larry: good Book, Good Read :) Reply with quote

Very Happy I just finished reading Lennon Revealed. Of the few biographies I have had the chance and luck.. to read... this one seems the most sensitive. I am so glad that Larry thought to interview May Pang, and Marcio... the "little" people: who meant something (obviously) to John in his every day life.

Reading the account of your attempts to get a ticket to the Beatle concert; reminded me why I made a point never to attend one: I was always afraid of getting trampled.. or lost. (I guess John was not the only one afraid of large crowds.) I also felt there was no point in risking the possibility of self-imposed hearing loss... I liked hearing the boys' harmonies, and lyrics.. so, trying to take that in at a concert was obviously not possible. and.. I just had no interest in being part of the crowd... there was no hope in my mind of getting to see them up close or anything like that.

I am so glad he got that chance to meet people face to face in Philadelphia.

I get all emotional: Rolling Eyes reading the many stories about people with their personal and private encounters with John. I am sure they meant as much or more to him, than they did to the ones who met him. He knew how hard it was.. to connect on a personal level: he had the way of making everyone around feel included: I think that is why we all feel such a personal loss.with his untimely departure. Funny thing is, it has been
27+ years, and here we still feel the pain so accutely.

Inconsoleable. That is the word.
good memories.
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