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LOST in Canada

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Joined: 22 Jul 2006
Posts: 2
Location: Saskatchewan, Canada

PostPosted: Sun Jul 23, 2006 5:33 pm    Post subject: LOST in Canada Reply with quote

Hi all,

Well, I just finished reading DTRW & it's AWESOME!!! Smile Such a great book. I live in Canada & am wondering which option I should use to 'delay' the real world. Lol. I just graduated from univeristy in December '05 with a BA in English/news-editorial journalism & after a frustrating 6 months trying to find a career-related job at a horse magazine, I finally have given up and want to delay the real world. I live in the prairies and don't like it, as I grew up here & want more excitment. So I am seriously considering randomly moving to Halifax, Nova Scotia & getting a job there doing 'whatever' - perhaps at a coffee shop, perhaps at a historic site. BUT I'm wondering if I should take a trip out there first to see if I like it before I move there. Moving there seems so darn permanent & that's what I'm scared of. I don't want to be 'stuck' out there just like I'm feeling stuck here! I thought about doing WWOOFing (organic farming thing) on Cape Breton Island (6 hours from Halifax) for one month, to see how I like the countryside. If I did the WWOOFing, I would be volunteering my time in a youth hostel, doing housekeeping types of things & helping with whale watching. However, I'm leery about this idea b/c it'd be spending $800 on a plane ticket & then not getting paid at all while there. I'd rather like to earn some money, but am scared of breaking my lease in the apartment I'm in now, in order to go out there to live for awhile. I also am worried about getting paid just minimum wage & scraping by, because how would I save any money for the future if I have to spend most of it to survive?! (I'd love to do ESL overseas eventually.)
So I guess the whole point is - I feel like if I did the WWOOFing, I'd just be putting off making a decision about REALLY delaying the real world. B/c if I just WWOOFed & then came back here, I feel like I'd be back at square one again, you know? Ack!! I thought, well, I could do the WWOOFing & THEN move after I came back from it, but it'd be a lot harder for me to find a leasee for my apt in early Oct than in late Aug/early Sept. So I'm concerned about that too! Any kind souls have any suggestions?! Much appreciated!! Smile -Jessica
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Joined: 22 Mar 2007
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PostPosted: Thu Mar 22, 2007 7:46 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hey Jessica!

It's kind of funny that I came across your post, I'm originally a Winnipeg girl and last January I picked up and moved to Vancouver - a city in which I didn't know anybody and had never been to before. I just decided I needed to be here. When I came here I called it a scouting/moving mission. I lived in a hostel while I checked things out and looked for a job, and tried to decide if I actually wanted to live here.

The transission was a bit rough mostly due to bad decisions on my part but it ended up working and I love living on the coast and in the mountains (I moved mostly because I wanted to be a surfer/snowboarder) and it's been a great experience overall. I learned a lot and have become completely self reliant which really sucks sometimes, but I think I've grown a lot too.

So my advice would be to do it! Do the wwoofing and in your time you could always look a job, place to stay whatever. If it's something that you really want I think it's always worth it to take the chance.

Wow - I just realized you wrote this last year. So yeah. I'm going to post this anyway. if you're still around, i'm curious, what did you end up doing?
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