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Ron Wright

PostPosted: Thu Jan 06, 2005 7:59 pm    Post subject: CHALLENGE TO THE MSM TO REPORT "VACCINE-A" STORY Reply with quote

Just posted this comment over at Winds of Change ( ) re the military mission readiness:

WOC Link Here

Let me preface this remark first.

I, speaking as an individual, strongly support this administration's fundamental shift in our strategic foreign policy within the Middle East (See other essays on HSPIG Forums Site).

I still have confidence in Sec Rumsfield. He's got a big plate which is very full. He's also been tasked with unifying the military commands and will encounter major foot dragging and political hits from special interests groups.

There is one thing that Sec Rumsfield could do immediately that would greatly increase the mission readiness of Air Guard units and probably other reserve units as well. Some guard wings have lost over 50% of their qualified pilots because of issues with the anthrax vaccine. In fighter wings, reserve and guard pilots are 80% or more of the qualified pilots.

This is the current controversy over the mandatory administration of the DOD's anthrax vaccine. I don't mean to beat a dead horse here but this is an extremely serious problem. The risk/consequences of suffering life long adverse reactions from taking this vaccine, greatly outweigh the risk of being exposed in a bioterror attack and resulting adverse effects. Anthrax can be successfully treated with antibiotics if initiated promptly. The current push to require all personnel to be vaccinated is not warranted. This policy is interfering/impeding mission readiness.

See this letter I recently wrote to CBS:

Date: Mon Jan 03, 2005 08:16:51 PM PST

Re Lt. Col. Lacklen and previous story on TCAS


Dear Mr. Hartman, CBS 60 Minutes:

There is a major story now emerging in the Blogosphere (Blogos) that will dwarf Rathergate. Run Google search with the keywords "Lacklen +anthrax." Col. Lacklen in your previous story segment may be a victim of the military's covert experimental anthrax vaccine program.

This story has been percolating along on many fronts for several years. It is now about to reach critical mass. The MSM is sitting on the sidelines for fear of another Rathergate. Unfortunately the MSM and Rather don't understand the Blogos well. This is not about partisan politics but a newly emerging medium to convey info and the news of the day. Imagine a vast neuro net of dendritic/synapses forging connections at an exponential rate with massive parallel processing power to bring to bare on research questions.

HSPIG has no hidden agenda other than protecting the interests of our men and women in uniform either now or in the past. As Bill O'Reilly says, "Who's looking out for you?" Our svs personnel have enough to do fighting this war without having to worry about, "covering their backs." Senior military commanders may have been mislead as to the actual level of risk. A serious complication rate of 25 to 30% exists. These reactions occur at the molecular level. Further there may be a genetic predisposition.

The nexus-unifying link is Gary Matsumoto's new book Vaccine-A. If true and we believe the science is sound, demonstrates a casual link between the DOD's anthrax vaccine program and Gulf War Syndrome. The story gets bigger because the DOD's "Lil Shoppe of Horror's" should be fully aware of this now, but insists on continuing with this program. The DOD may have conducted experimental clinical trials using this vaccine on svs personnel without their informed consent and or knowledge. The military can do this and svs personnel have no recourse per Feres Doctrine. This faulty research may now expand into civilian vaccines that are critical to our survival. The people involved are literally playing with fire they don't understand. There is an abundance of independent research available to show that the DOD's research is flawed.


HSPIG Link Here
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