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great book

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 03, 2005 4:35 pm    Post subject: great book Reply with quote

great book.. real eye opener... you are a true hero for putting this info out.. if the physicians and upper level military officials feel that this vaccine is safe then they should be injected with the vaccine containing the squalene.. also the congressmen and senators on the gulf war syndrome panel should receive the vaccine... that would change alot of attitudes...another point.. if the physicians at walter reed were so confident in their diagnosis of psychiatric issues instead of physical.. why werent any of the soldiers admitted for psychiatric care???
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Gary M - Author

PostPosted: Tue Jan 04, 2005 10:15 am    Post subject: Reply to "roon" Reply with quote

Dear roon: Thank you for reading VACCINE A and for your kind appraisal of it. Offering squalene-laced vaccinations to policy makers in the military's public health establishment - in addition to members of Congress - would probably, as you suggest, change a lot of "hearts and minds."

I've yet to meet a single Gulf War veteran with GWS who got admitted to the Walter Reed Army Medical Center (WRAMC) for psychiatric treatment. Such patients may exist, but almost all the officers and non-coms I interviewed for VACCINE A were told their problems were psychiatric when, in fact, they most of them suffered from lupus, a clinically verifiable immune system dysfunction or some other neurological injury. These patients only discovered the true nature of their problems after examination by civilian doctors. Army doctors at WRAMC's Gulf War Illness Center or the VA told these veterans that they had "somatoform disorder" or "somatization disorder."

Here's what someone who worked at WRAMC's GWI Center reported in this forum last year:

"The first Gulf War Illness Center was opened on the Infectious Disease/HIV ward at WRAMC. Ever wonder why? refer to Insight Mag's reference to tainted HIV vaccinations. Veteran's beware, there are more than just tainted anthrax. vax.
98% of the patients that went through CCEP, (comprehensive clinical evaluation program) were given the somatization disorder diagnosis and deemed problem patients, personality disordered characters drawing the press into hushed up territory. Believe me, there was an unspoke of tension among staff, that things there were not to be talked about.
Michael Roy was the clinical director in name only, Col. Chung, who headed the infectious disease department really ran the show. under Gen. Blanck. They were looking for leishmeniosus (sp?). Patients who came through were given basic blood tests, which we all knew was to be sent to WRAIR for research, and then sent to subspecialty clinics for particular problems, back in '94 we saw a lot of G.I. problems. These patients were not staffed (talked about) in big meetings with other subspeciality doctors as Roy stated in your book. They were brought into this clinic to be controlled, and to control the G.I. outcry. Then they were hand stamped as crazy, and sent out unvalidated. I was the mental health officer that completed all the patient historys as they came into the clinic, and I never diagnosed one of them having somatization disorder. Maj. Roy made that diagnosis.
This was the beginning of deterring the masses from the truth, that of course still exists today, now in Round 3 with the squalene in anthrax."

Thanks again for your support. It is very much appreciated.

Gary Matsumoto
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