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PostPosted: Tue Dec 21, 2004 7:17 pm    Post subject: rocket Reply with quote

December 21, 2004

Jim Specht
Congressman Jerry Lewis' Office
U.S. Capital
Washington, DC

Re: Anthrax Vaccination (2nd generation) and new book, "Vaccine-A" by Gary Matsumoto

Dear Mr. Specht:

My wife, Dr. Marilyn Wright, met with Arlene and Congressman Lewis several months ago. We live in Redlands near your district office. My wife who has a doctorate in public health offered her assistance on issues related to terrorism and bioterrorism. My wife teaches health science and has taught bioterrorism preparedness and ethics for health professionals. My wife is a board member of the Homeland Security Policy Institute Group (IRS 501c3 nonprofit

Here's a story that has not broken in the mainstream media yet. HSPIG is tracking this issue. HSPIG has an interest in all things related to bioweapons, their use and defense against them.

My wife has written a two page synopsis of Gary Matsumoto's new book, "Vaccine-A." Matsumoto's book is a slow read because of his meticulous documentation. Matsumoto has read this synopsis and found it an excellent interpretation of his work. See link to synopsis:

See the HSPIG forums site for further information on this issue:

This is a developing story. Currently the DOD was enjoined by a federal court from using this vaccine. The DOD is seeking to start using this vaccine again by using a provision of the Bio-Shield program.

See press releases at these sites for further information: and

There are serious issues that need resolving before this vaccine is ever used again. The alleged serious side effects of this vaccine may outweigh the threat risk of its use that is very real none the less. There is a distinct possibility that this vaccine is the causal factor for Gulf War Syndrome that has plague many of our vets.

From a larger perspective the use and development of vaccines as a defense against bioweapons is flawed and a waste of money. These pathogens can be morphed/mutated faster than vaccines can be developed in defense. This is the opinion of Dr. Ken Alibek, National Center for Biodefense at George Mason University (Contact Vera Ettenger 703-993-8545 ). Dr. Alibek is the former deputy director of the Soviet bioweapons program and knows first hand what bioweapons our enemy is likely to use. These are stocks and technology of the former Soviet Union. Further the human body can only tolerate so many vaccines before they start taking a toll. Dr. Alibek has suffered a loss of hearing because of the number of vaccines he received.

Matsumoto in his book has documented the checkered past of the development of this vaccine. This book poses many serious ethical and financial conflicts of interest with military development/procurement units and the vaccine defense contractor (BioPort). Matusmoto has documents that tend to show health researchers, military personnel, and other government officials lied to our military personnel that were required to take this vaccine, the American people, elected officials, and senior military officers either directly and/or indirectly by omission of factual details. I'm a detective in local law enforcement with over thirty years experience and have worked major frauds and economic crimes. My "bloodhound" nose smells several rats in the woodworks.


Ron Wright, Member
Board of Directors
Homeland Security Policy Institute Group
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