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The War Within: The Anthrax Vaccine Story

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Dr. M. Wright

PostPosted: Sat Dec 18, 2004 4:34 pm    Post subject: The War Within: The Anthrax Vaccine Story Reply with quote

The War Within: The Anthrax Vaccine Story

A Summary of Vaccine A by Gary Matsumoto

My name is Marilyn Wright. I hold a doctorate in public health education and I wrote this document. I have skeptically and carefully evaluated the evidence presented by Matsumoto and others. I believe this essay accurately summarizes the key points. I am not a veteran nor am I married to one. My son is currently serving in the military. He is not sick. My expertise is translating complex medical information into material the general public can better understand. I teach college classes including medical ethics.

Do not change this document in any way. Otherwise, please DO share it. You can reach me at

At the start of Gulf War One, our military leaders believed anthrax attacks against the troops on the ground were a real and potentially devastating possibility. When they looked in their pantry of vaccines, they found only a few doses of an anthrax vaccine that takes six shots over a long period to instill immunity to attack. Further, the pantry had no battlefield detection devices to even know if soldiers had been exposed. Casualties could be very high, the deaths would be ghastly, and press cameras were always at the ready. The military leadership ordered subordinates to find a solution.

Coincidentally, some military and civilian researchers had been working on a new, second generation vaccine for anthrax. One or two shots would do it. Immunity developed quickly and strongly. Soldiers would live to fight another day. It was safer to manufacture since whole anthrax particles were not used, only bits and pieces. As the saying goes, any port in a [desert] storm. The researchers knew that it would be a bargain with the devil. The new vaccine was not approved by the FDA and there was no time to get the approval. It seemed OK, at least it worked. Protecting the troops was a matter of national security, of war time readiness and of avoiding bad press from lots of dead young Americans. And there was a prime opportunity to test the new vaccine out by vaccinating troops that badly needed the vaccine.

Besides not having FDA approval, there was the reaction problem. It was possible that a number of troops would have symptoms from the new fast-acting vaccine. Some reactions would be mild, some immediate, some later, and some severe. The reactions were due to the very thing that pushed the immune system to hurry up and make antibodies to anthrax. The additive supercharged the immune system, leading to the immune system attacking its own body. But in combat, deaths and injuries are calculated into the formula. The good of the many outweigh the good of any one individual. Some soldiers would possibly be sacrificed to protect the larger group.

Batches of the new vaccine were made up with varying strengths of the immune boosting agent. This is typically done to see which strength of the ingredient works best. In this case the ingredient was squalene, an oil. It also goes by the name MF59. Without this immune system super booster, the new vaccine was essentially useless. Unfortunately squalene, even in tiny amounts when injected into the body, overcharges the immune system. Experiments had been published clearly proving that squalene injections caused the immune system to attack its own muscles and nerves and other parts of the body.

A seemingly logical defense for using squalene is that squalene can be safely eaten. You can swallow it and not have a problem. Like hot sauce, eating it is one thing, but injecting it can lead to an entirely different response. The amount was very tiny, but as is the same with many other injectables, when you start counting molecules, even a tiny amount contains millions of invading molecules. Squalene is a powerful immune system stimulent; it doesn’t take much. The information that squalene was safe enough to eat or be rubbed on the skin, lead researchers to decide that injecting it would be an acceptable risk given the circumstances of imminent warfare.

To avoid political problems, the vaccination program was kept quiet. Most soldiers did not know, or probably much care, what this next shot contained. Until they started getting ill. Soldiers were under orders to take the shot, coded as Vaccine A, and could not refuse at the risk of dishonorable discharge. They were not told what the vaccine was, often it was not recorded on their shot record, or their record was ‘lost’ by the establishment. Then soldiers in specific base locations started getting sick. Some had been to war, others had not. Some were able to document that they had been given Vaccine A, with the magic immune system booster squalene. Symptoms of an immune system consuming itself appeared and Gulf War Syndrome was recognized by the CDC.

So, good intentions, faulty intelligence, failure to follow vaccine licensing rules, and arrogance combined to allow vaccination of troops with a hazardous substance. Someone had forgotten or ignored solid research showing squalene was very bad news for the lab animals injected with it. And now the same symptoms were showing up in veterans. And only veterans who got the shot got sick, whether or not they were exposed to ground conditions in Iraq. Some sick vets had never even left the U.S. It was the vaccine that was the common denominator.

In the meantime, the government and the manufacturer of squalene were moving forward with plans to develop other vaccines using the new wonder ingredient. Scientists with big reputations were on board. Government agencies and private manufacturers became entangled with one another, including the hiring of retired government personnel to work in the laboratory. This black hole of duplicity drew in more and more government agencies. A few agencies tried to look objectively at the situation, and they were mostly told the truth, but not the whole truth. The topic is so complex that the average legislator or investigator could not recognize the partial truths for what they were. For example, the partial truth was that squalene had been proven safe to use for humans. The whole truth was that the study documenting its safety was a study of cosmetic application to the skin, a far cry from injecting the substance.

Meanwhile, government supported research on the mysterious Gulf War Syndrome included testing ideas of toxic chemical exposure, bug bites, flea collars and other possible causes until the media and researchers tired of the circus and abandoned the sick veterans. Physicians labeled victims of Gulf War Syndrome as hysterics and malingerers. The story is so twisted, complex and huge that it easily overwhelms most attempts to comprehend its entirety. Researchers with pocketfuls of government grants were not particularly inclined to turn their keen skills on to an issue that would bite the hand that provided the grants. Few scientists or organizations are able to live without federal funds. However, several people that were not beholden to the US government did start to look at the situation. Dr. Pam Asa and reputable investigative journalist Gary Matsumoto were among those that took a more careful look at the events. They discovered the immune system booster was squalene and looked up the research on its side effects. Published literature was clear that squalene caused the immune system to attack its own body. These self-attacks by the immune system were leading to rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia (a muscle disorder), chronic fatigue, cysts and a host of other problems.

Dr. Asa with the help of others, developed a new blood test that could spot antibodies to squalene. Sure enough, squalene antibodies were present in those vets complaining of Gulf War Syndrome. Regular people do not have this antibody since antibodies are only made after the blood is exposed to the invader molecule. News reporters standing alongside the troops did not have squalene antibodies (or Gulf War Syndrome), but then they had not received the unlicensed, experimental, secret Vaccine A.

To summarize: the documentation is exacting, the threat is real, the program is about to resume using the same excuse that protecting the troops is worth it. But the sacrifice of a few troops for herd immunity really counts if it is your son or husband or significant other who withers and declines from the peak of physical health to a weak, exhausted, mentally confused shell.

Bodily reactions to squalene are surprising common. Some are devastating; some are gruesomely fatal. The Supreme Court has ruled that even obvious negligence by the military does not allow soldiers to sue for damages, but contracted manufacturers may not be immune from lawsuits. Generally if the military breaks you they are responsible for fixing you. Besides refusing to recognize they broke these vets, the big problem here is that there IS no ‘fix’ for autoimmune disorders. Some can be controlled. Others are fatal.

What to Do?

Here are some suggested steps you can take to help yourself and others.

 If you or your loved one is ordered to take the second generation (not the six shot) Anthrax vaccine, decide ahead of time what you will do.

 If you decide to comply, have a sample of your blood taken by a private physician before the shot to document the lack of squalene in your blood. If you have symptoms, have your blood taken again to look for the presence of squalene antibodies. This will help you as a participant in any class action lawsuits.

 Demand documentation in your vaccination card that you received anthrax vaccine and the lot number of the vaccine.

 Don’t wait for the military or VA medical system to decide what sickness you have. Go to an immunologist or rheumatologist since they are accustomed to dealing with autoimmune disorders.

 Keep copies of all your medical records.

 Check in with the Homeland Security Policy Institute Group, a nonprofit that does NOT take government funds, to get the latest information on medical care, legal care, and support. Available at

 Check the web and blog sites for information.

 Contact your congressional representatives and tell them what happened to you. Do it in writing. Keep a copy. Send it certified, return receipt.

 Even if you are not in the military and have not had the shot, tell your congressional representative to put their body where their mouth is and take the shot themselves.

 Tell your representatives to stop the vaccines containing squalene.

 Do not take flu shots from overseas, some contain squalene.

 Read Vaccine A by Gary Matsumoto. Research PubMed for your own interest and proof on the negative effects of squalene on living things.

 Complain to medical ethics panels that this vaccine is harming people.

 Put the word out however you can to alert Gulf War vets, to alert current military personnel and to alert elected officials, that the cat is out of the bag, that the public is aware and alarmed about this harmful ingredient in the ‘new’ vaccines.

 Don’t take government reassurances at face value; there are documented instances of the government lying by omission of crucial information on this topic.
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