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Gulf War Syndrome - more than just the vaccines -

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the phoenix

Joined: 03 Apr 2006
Posts: 5

PostPosted: Mon Apr 03, 2006 6:54 am    Post subject: Gulf War Syndrome - more than just the vaccines - Reply with quote

As of Jan. 17, 2003 we got a report of 93,134 dead Desert Storm Veterans.... That is not counting, the spouses, children, or civilian workers ...

American Gulfwar Veterans Association: CFS/FMS long term rating;f=1;t=000281

Telegraph | News

Major Ian Hill,
Major Ian Hill, 54, a father-of-four, from Knutsford, Cheshire, was a founder member and former chairman of the National Gulf Veterans' and Families' Association.
Major Hill had served for 24 years in the Royal Army Medical Corps.
But his illness became progressively worse. He developed emphysema, followed by Tolsoa-Hunt Syndrome in which massive inflammation behind the eyes causes excruciating pain. He was then diagnosed with Q-fever, an infection of the brain which stops it regenerating cells fast enough to replace those

Pub 2 - Gulf War Syndrome and Gulf War Illnesses (GWI) are terms that have been ... Q fever meningoencephalitis in a soldier returning from the Persian Gulf war. ...

BioTech IMC | getting tested for mycoplasma and other infectious ...MYCOPLASMA REGISTRY for gulf war syndrome & chronic fatigue syndrome ... Coxiella burnetii (Q-Fever and "Post-Q Fever Fatigue Syndrome") Staphylococcus ...

RISK Newsletter... Q fever and brucellosis, which can cause chronic disease. ... No connection between Gulf War syndrome in an adult and congenital malformations in a ...

Q Fever in Iraq [Archive] - SOCNET: The ...There's been reports out of Iraq of soldiers with pneumonia-like symptoms with no known cause. (I know one's mother). Anyway, could these be Q fever? ...

Riegle Report - Chapter One, Part Three

Others may produce poisonous substances called toxins. Examples of human disease caused by bacteria are anthrax, brucellosis, tularemia, staphylococcus, and streptococcus.

Another characteristic of rickettsiae is that most diseases caused by this group are transmitted by the bite of an insect, such as the mosquito, mite, or tick. Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Q fever, and typhus are diseases of mankind caused by rickettsiae.

[The author from the above writing is Mike Hood, USAF - part of contingent for Operation Earnest Will 1987-1989 (witness to IRAN, not Saddam, gassing the Kurdish people in 1988 which I 'think' can also be called the "Fall Waterway Incident, if wrong I will edit this), and is a Gulf War veteran, Saudi 1993. Mr. Hood is a gentleman from North Texas who is 280% combined disability rating for service connection, and has participated in the following Gulf War studies: Wolfard Hall 1994, Cincinnati, Indiana, New Orleans, Haley Study. His blood is on file at Ft. Detrick and New Zealand. Though we know about Khamisiyah, Operation Denial under Gen. Schwarzkopf resulted in another 993 demolitions of sites containing WMDs in Iraq. In 1993, Mr. Hood ended up in a coma due to chemical exposures in Saudi Arabia.]
Gulf War Syndrome is the Agent Orange of the 21st Century
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Gary M

Joined: 30 Mar 2006
Posts: 28
Location: New York

PostPosted: Mon Apr 03, 2006 1:06 pm    Post subject: Reply to "The Phoenix" Reply with quote

Dear "Phoenix": I regret to say that I must disagree with you. Gulf War Syndrome is an undefined illness. Unless you define the illness, drawing conclusions about its cause puts the cart before the horse - i.e., what precisely is nerve agent supposed to be causing? As discussed by Air Force physicians and scientists, GWS is a loose constellation of symptoms that include chronic joint and muscle pain, chronic fatigue, headaches, short term memory loss, dizziness and rashes.

As I reported in Vaccine A, these symptoms are associated with autoimmunity. If GWS is autoimmune disease, as it appears to be in many Gulf War veterans (and in recently vaccinated service personnel), then that would rule out chemical weapons exposure, mycoplasma, spent uranium dust, Q Fever, brucellosis, etc., because there are no proven links between any these agents and autoimmunity. There is, however, a long-established link between injection with an oil adjuvant and autoimmunity, which is why oil adjuvants have never been licensed for human use.

In addition to the absence of clinical evidence for your assertions, the available epidemiological evidence contradicts it too. First, military personnel deployed in parts of Saudi Arabia that were far removed from areas theoretically exposed to nerve agent also developed GWS. Even more telling, military personnel who never deployed to the Persian Gulf developed the identical symptoms and diseases (autoimmune) as those who did deploy. These two groups (rear echelon support troops and non-deployed) were not exposed to nerve agents or Q Fever or oil fire smoke. The only thing these groups had in common with their forward deployed comrades-in-arms were vaccinations.

Military personnel immunized against anthrax between 1998-2000, and again in preparation for Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom developed GWS symptoms, which have been, in dozens of cases diagnosed through laboratory testing as autoimmunity. As has become embarassingly apparent in this second Gulf War, Saddam might not have had chemical or biological weapons at all. We did not bomb these weapons, and CIA and DoD teams of investigators could not find them. Thus, the troops who developed GWS-like illnesses during this second Gulf War did not do so as a result of chemical weapons exposures or mycoplasma or inhaling oil fire smoke.

Finally, military personnel who never deployed to the region during the second Gulf War say they are also suffering from GWS-like symptoms and clinically verified autoimmunity. As many of these service personnel have reported, their illnesses began after they were immunized against anthrax.

Gary Matsumoto
Gary Matsumoto
Vaccine A
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the phoenix

Joined: 03 Apr 2006
Posts: 5

PostPosted: Mon Apr 03, 2006 10:43 pm    Post subject: agree and disagree Reply with quote

Dear Mr. Matsumoto,

I agree with you on your information within your book. You are right about this, concerning the vaccines. It is very difficult dealing with these truths as a veteran myself. My situation is most telling because my service there was in 1992 as a member of the 7th Fleet aboard the USS Independence. That means with my medical conditions are now service-connected as "secondary to Gulf War Syndrome" per VA in 2005. That might fall into the world of politics because we are now discussing nearly 10,000 service members that took part in Operation Southern Watch. You do not need to thank me again for my service nor do you need to express your condolences. You have already done this.

However, I have had it explained to me by someone who knows more than I that Gulf War Syndrome can be explained as follows: One of 30 medical syndromes (each one comes with its own symptoms which overlap) wrapped up into 77 diagnoses and disorders. Hammering the truth about the vaccines is ABSOLUTELY necessary. I am in complete agreement as my blood work and health care proves this. Unfortunately, the vaccines cannot be assumed as the sole cause of the illness. It can, however, unite a divided veterans population to push our elected leaders to address this issue so we can get the proper health care and compensation we deserve and earned. The VA has a lot of data not within the public realm that may prove how the vaccines are but one issue. What helps us is that the vaccines and their consequences to our health are something we all have in common. DoD may try to deny this still, but DoD ought to consider one fact that has not changed. That is, orders remain that all who serve in the Persian Gulf and Korea and Afghanistan MUST be vaccinated. For DoD to deny this would seem ridiculous for then they would be admitting that orders are NOT being followed.

So in summary, absolutely I believe veterans must unite on something to enact change. Your work in Vaccine A is just that, and I hope when we can finally bring this issue to the public forum, you will support us, even if you disagree on the chemical and biological exposures, as well as the DU, that many veterans have service connection for and medical documentation supporting this, as Mike Hood USAF in North Texas has.

VA is the source for the 93,000+ dead Gulf War Veterans. Certainly this number has risen since this was disclosed in January, 2003. I'm not a revolutionary type. I believe this matter can be handled with dignity and respect and the politics can be 'left behind'. We served under the pretense that after our service was concluded our country, the USA, would take care of us for the damage done to our bodies for the service of FREEDOM. So far this country has not fulfilled her promise to us, and has chosen to play politics with our lives as we get sicker and more disabled (dropping like flies as some would say). We ask that politics be left out and that Congress and VA do the right thing and provide us the truth and our doctors the truth so we can have some semblance of a life, and compassionate health care. To not I consider to be TREASON, because the educated will read this book, VACCINE A, and whatever else is on the internet and databases, and choose to NOT serve our nation in the military, meaning our quality of personnel is reduced so we suffer more scandals like Abu Ghraib.
Gulf War Syndrome is the Agent Orange of the 21st Century
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