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So what are your thoughts about the book?
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PostPosted: Sat Feb 04, 2006 3:04 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Can anyone explain the tremendous faux pas when the John and Paul, anxious to publicize the creation of Apple, appeared on the Tonight Show only to find guest host Joe Garagiola appearing that night instead of Johnny Carson? Quite simply put, that would never have happened if Brian had been alive. I don't believe there is any tape recording- or film- of the the Lennon-McCartney TS appearance, something also really hard to believe. What was NBC in cost cutting mode? However, as a baseball fan who knew of Garagiola's work as a witty TV baseball announcer, I know that Joe G. was certainly not a dull or stupid man, yet I cannot imagine that Joe could have asked John and Paul any really pertinent questions as to Apple or what the Beatles were up to in 1968. And that's such a shame. I can only imagine that if John and Paul had met Johnny instead of Joe, the entire show could have been so much more memorable. Just a small modicum of planning, and that TS appearance could have been absolutely smashing to us Beatle people.
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PostPosted: Wed Feb 08, 2006 9:06 am    Post subject: Lennon, McCartney, Sutcliffle Reply with quote

Dear Larry,

Thank you for the opportunity to share thoughts with you. I read the book for about an hour at a bookstore last week and then went home and odered it! Can't wait to get it—was totally absorbed.

Coincidentally, I had been imagining a dialog with John Lennon—what would I say if I'd ever had the chance to meet him. Being a long-time journalist and musician, I'd have relished the possibility and am now vicariously living the experience through your words!

But there was a point in my pretend dialog—something I was looking for, more as a musician—that went beyond John's celebrity. "Here I am with a Beatle" played no part in this whatsoever.

It was the music, moreso, what drove John to create songs that were so appropo, so surpassing, to this day. I really wanted to know. It's somewhat of a passion with me—discovering what makes people passionate! It gave me an early career as a feature writer. But this of course, was the top of the list.

Lennon Revealed, if not answered the question, at least directed me to what seems to have been a major pivotal point in the Beatles creative development: the all night conversations between Stu Sutcliffe, John, and as you said, sometimes Paul.

Did John ever speak more about them to you? They had to be sessions of soul searching, mind expanding, whatever, but I get the feeling they opened up something in John (and Paul) that gave them the ability to flesh out their creative ideas into what became those songs.

It's not the creativity, God knows where that comes from. It's the intensity they attained that gave them the presence of mind to completely follow through and stay faithful to their initial idea. Take any of Lennon's songs, they're a perfect essay on the original idea. Even "I am the Walrus." Quite perfectly absurd and if that was John's intent, to trip people up who analyzed it, then he accomplished it perfectly.

Now I want to know, if I had ever brought this up to John, would he have shown me the door?


Randy Baran
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PostPosted: Wed Feb 08, 2006 8:14 pm    Post subject: Larry's Book Reply with quote

Hey Larry and all BEATLES fans

I finished your book today but haven't watched the DVD as of yet. The book was a wonderful look at John's life that needs to be known. I never thought John was a Saint. I did look at him as my leader. Like many others I had another favorite Beatle in the begining but as one grows both physically and mentally taste change. When I started to listen to the words and not just "the music" my opinions changed.
When I listened to Plastic Ono Band I was so moved by Mother, Working Class Hero, hell the whole album moved me so much to hear John's pain and his attempt to expeal himself of all those demons. I listen to it and used it to rid myself of all my demons. Thank you John and THANK YOU LARRY. Anymore stories left for another book?

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Joined: 18 Feb 2008
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PostPosted: Mon Feb 18, 2008 6:44 am    Post subject: 2 Years Later... We Must Be Catching UP... :D Reply with quote

I have heard it said that THunder Bay is 20 years behind the world..
Well, here is perhaps an example... 2 years after everyone is done posting here... I finally manage to get a library card (outposters in the wilderness like me have to pay a yearly fee)... and I finally become aware of the existence of this book: and even managed to get it to read it... and WOW: there was a DVD in there too!!.. and , having a machine (computer) I was even able to watch it. THis is a big improvement for me, I can tell you.

I wish there had been more footage on the DVD... but then, I will just have to go check out YouTube... I found one candid shot footage of John talking in the Studio One... I think that is where it was: at the Dakota;it was fantastic: because the camera caught him off guard: and his graciousness and poise... were just so endearing.

I would really like to carry on some discussions with you, Larry: so that is why I am bothering to post here, so long after the fact, as it were.

In particular... I saw Andrew Solt's movie "Imagine: John Lennon" for the first time,... in.. ?? 1991??? (like I say.. delayed timing in the wilderness..) and that was on a generator run vhs/tv... and I burst into tears when the footage of Sean and John began. That shot of Sean as a dark haired baby on a blanket: in the background.. and John is kneading bread in the fore-ground... well... I saw a vision of Sean like that on about the... 12th or 13th of December, 1980.. I was making bread for the first time after the tragedy.. I broke down, and a neighbor had to finish the kneading, that time... but... it just really hit me: having had such a flash like that.. and then seeing that same image: only on the movie screen.. about 11 years later. wierd, eh?

(I have 12 children... most - 11- were born at home with no doctor... but they were all white-haired/ bald blondes... as babies.)

and so, As I was reading the last part of your book: the comments by the people really got me. Especially the ones who directed a "thank you" directly to John... I just cried: could not help it.

Is there any way we could exchange notes... in a more private matter...??
(this might have somewhat to do with the possibles of a sequal too,,, who knows? there is just so much wierdness in the air....)
_________________ is the website I am putting together. has some more of my madness. is a url for a slideshow/song I wrote.
"I Love You, John".
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